Upgrading ROM From Darky v6 to Darky v7

A big advantage of running a custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy S is that ROM developers come out with updates MUCH more often than official updates from Samsung or your cellular provider. This is a HUGE benefit as you get to have the latest software on your phone sometimes even hours after it is released. That’s markedly different from official updates, which can come 6 months later.

A good example of this can be seen with Samsung’s Froyo updates. Google released Android 2.2 Froyo at the end of May. Here we are 7 months later at the end of December, and in many markets 2.2 has just started to roll-out, or has not even been released yet. In the meantime Google has already released Android 2.3 Gingerbread.

That means all the 2.1 Eclair users out there are now running an operating system that is 2 versions old!!

Run a custom ROM on your phone however, and you get the newest software immediately. Darky’s ROM is currently based on the newest Froyo 2.2.1 firmware.

I would expect within a month we will start to see versions based on Gingerbread. Imagine how well that’s going to run on the Galaxy S. You are in essence going to have the Nexus S experience.

Darky’s Version 6.0 ROM was based on Froyo JPX firmware. 2 days ago Darky released Version 7.0 of his popular ROM, based on the newer JPY firmware.

Once you already have a custom ROM installed, upgrading to a newer version of that ROM is a Piece of Cake. All you do is save the file, restart the phone, and click on the file. That’s pretty much all there is to it.
Just follow these 3 simple steps:
1. Download and copy the ROM to your internal SD card.
2. Reboot into ClockWorkMod Recovery (easy to do with the phone shut-down menu.)
3. Click on the ROM zip file to flash it, and then reboot the phone.

That’s it. A very simple upgrade process, and in most cases you can keep all your user data, settings, and apps.

If you want to start with a clean slate, you can easily do a full wipe from the recovery menu before you flash the new ROM.

In the video below I do a full delete of all data, and then upgrade to the newer version 7.0 ROM:

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46 Responses to Upgrading ROM From Darky v6 to Darky v7

  1. Darkyy says:

    Thansk for making such a great video tutorial!
    Maybe you want to make a new video review for v7.0? ;)

    - darkyy.

    • AGN says:

      Thank you Darkyy. I’m looking forward to doing video review of your latest ROM but have to wait as I am away from home for a couple of weeks now.
      Trust you are enjoying your new Nexus S!!!!

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  3. Michael says:

    As always, thank you for great video(s) for people who have easier time with visual intruction.

    Do you have any issues with 850MHz 3g/1900MHz band with your Telus?

    Can you maybe do a video on how to use any modem with any ROM ?

    Thank you and hope you had a great Christmas!

    • Michael says:

      Oh I can’t edit…

      I also wanted to ask if you could switch back and forth between EDGE & 3G/H ?

    • AGN says:

      I get both 850MHz and 1900MHz fine with Telus.
      I haven’t travelled out of 3G range yet to observe Edge, so can’t comment on EDGE service.

      I will keep that in mind and look into doing a modem video sometime in the future.

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  5. Andrew says:

    Hi, I am really interested in using this ROM but will it work with the Rogers Captivate I896? I’m afraid to brick my phone. What would I have to do differently to make it work with my phone? Thanks

    • AGN says:

      No as there are some minor hardware differences with the Captivate. You would need to download a ROM that’s designed specifically for the Captivate.

  6. Andrew says:

    Thanks AGN,

    I was just about to flash it but I decided to check back here first. Could you suggest a ROM for the Captivate?

    Thanks again,
    – Andrew

  7. Dawne Placencio says:

    very interesting points you have mentioned , regards for putting up.

  8. Emile says:

    I have a Dutch I9000 — will this ROM work for me? The phone is currently rooted and has a lagfix applied, must I undo these before installing?

    • AGN says:

      You will have to undo the lagfix, but keep root.
      This ROM should work very nicely for your Dutch I9000.
      Let us know how it goes.

  9. LaurensJ says:


    Any video yet on the update to 7.7?

  10. Szighy says:

    jeeez….i can’t understand anything….do i have to install v6 to be able to install v7, and i can see there is a new one, the v7.7….i don’t know what to do, I want v7.7, if i install it do i need the previous version, somebody pls contact me in yahoo, if has some free time to help meg :P

  11. Salman says:

    Hi I wanna know I have installed the I900XXJPU firmware recently so should I upgrady to JPY or just do the clockword mod recovery on my JPU one

  12. kjapo says:


    I am a beginner.
    I put the 7.7 et Darky, Voodoo is activated.
    I put my data.

    Now here’s version 7.8.
    I would like to ask the new version is that the data retained.

    Darkyy, please give me a description of how these steps.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

    Sorry for the my bad English.

  13. Mike says:

    I’ve downloaded the newest 7.8 Gingerbread onto my Mac. I then copy the folder (named Darkys v7.8) onto my phone.

    BUT WHERE IS THE ACTUAL ROM!! Following the tutorial above, all I have is a folder (not a zip) marked Darkys v.7.8 on my phone and I cannot find a single zip code in the file!! Do I have to zip the entire folder before putting it on my phone? Please help as I can find very little info on where the actual zip/rom file is that CWM has to open.

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  15. HKT says:

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it would be safe to put the version 8.0 rom onto my bell samsung galaxy s phone? I’m just worried because i’ve heard how people’s phones have turned into bricks after trying to update their firmware to 2.2 .

    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  16. Deepak says:


    Well to start with i just got my samsung galaxy and am an absolute beginner….dont know much about flashing, rooting, etc.

    I want to get into it and to start with want to get this rom in my phone aswell…i have currently got firmware version 2.2
    build froyo.zsjpe

    how and where do i start..

    i know this might not be the most appropriate place to ask but i need to start somewhere
    ..thanks for all your help

  17. cumbrek says:

    Can I update this on stock XXJPY? If not, what should i do? I don’t have root or lagfix installed!

    Thank you!

  18. Indy says:


    I have a rooted and software unlocked UK phone. Is it possible to use your rom on a UK phone? If so, will I loose the unlock and root modes? I’m somewhat new to the Android mobile area and don’t really know what’s at stake when flashing a ROM. For me the important thing is the unlock. As I don’t know how to unlock the phone (bought it unlocked & rooted) and I use it quite a bit, I can’t afford to be without it.


  19. Mischa says:

    I just installed 8.0, no wipe.
    After installing, my phone was stuck in the Darky starting screen with al the colours. Tried to reset a few different times, didn’t work. Than wiped my cache and selected factory reset and voila, now it works.

    But somehow I have the strange feeling that I don’t have the whole package installed.
    I Also don’t have the Android Market icon anymore, and I don’t know how to download Apps now anymore.
    Can anyone tell me if it’s normal that the marketplace app is gone and how I can reinstall it?

    Thnx, Mischa

    • AGN says:

      I think it’s because you installed the no-wipe edition after doing a full wipe. You can re-install everything with full-wipe version.

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  21. Lebulbe says:


    i was running an older version of dark’s (dont remember wich one :( shame on me) anyway.

    i followed the youtube instruction and after i installed the rom it restarted. i heard a sound saying convert data partition and it stay at galaxy S gt-9000 screen forever….

    anything i can do ?

  22. Charisma says:

    I’m quite new to this and I’ve never upgraded my i9000 but I’d really like to get 2.3 on my phone. I’ve managed to download the ROM and upload it to my phones internal sd memory and I’ve also managed to root the phone using Z4. I’ve also installed ROM Manager and installed ClockWorkMod Recovery (current version but when I start the phone in recovery mode, I do not get the extended options in the recovery mode. I seem to be missing options including “install zip from sd card”. I have the basic options such as “wipe data and cache” and “apply sdcard: update.zip”. Is anyone able to tell me why I’m missing these extra options and why I’m unable to install the ROM?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated