The Samsung Galaxy S is the most exciting smartphone you can buy today.  There are 3 major reasons why: Best Processor, Best Screen, and Best Operating System.

The fastest smartphones today all have 1 GHz Processors.  Among 1 GHz Android handsets, there are several choices.  Top HTC models like the Nexus One and Desire use Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processor.  Some Motorola models use Texas Instruments OMAP processors.  Only the Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab use Samsung’s own Hummingbird processor.  All the above chips are based on the same ARM A8 blue prints, but the Hummingbird has the highest-spec graphics processor.  As a result, the Galaxy S offers the best graphic abilities available on any mobile phone today.

Galaxy S phones also have the best screens available on a phone today.  Samsung’s Super AMOLED display pumps out bright vivid colours that need to be seen to be believed.  As the SAMOLED screen can completely turn off individual pixels when it needs to represent black, the blacks are blacker than anything possible on a conventional LCD screen. The iPhone4 may have 960 lines of resolution compared to the Galaxy S’s 800, but the Samsung’s 4” screen trumps the iPhone’s 3.5” display.  The SAMOLED screens look so good infact, that Apple is ordering SAMOLED screens from Samsung for next year’s Apple products.

Android is now the most popular mobile operating system on Earth.  Its open nature offers unlimited potential for upgrading and customizing.

The Galaxy S arguably has the most powerful processor, and the best screen, and the best Operating System, of course, of any phone available on the planet today.  We think it is the best smartphone money can buy.

The Samsung Galaxy S range is also one of the most successful smartphones in Android history.  Over 5 million devices have been sold in more than a 100 countries. The Galaxy S enthusiast community is Massive and Global.

AndroidGalaxy.Net is here to serve the Galaxy S Enthusiast.  Our aim is to keep you up to date on the latest Galaxy S developments and software mods so you can make the most out of all the capabilities of your Galaxy S superphone.

Typically with devices you may have bought in the past, the capabilities of the machine are fixed the day you get it, and that does not change during the life of the product.  With this generation of Android devices, however, we are in a whole new world… completely uncharted territory.  Android is moving forward at breakneck speed.  The time you spend owning this phone will be unlike any other phone you have ever known.  Just in the next 12-18 months, there are going to be software innovation and new apps that we cannot even think of today.   Every month your phone’s capabilities will increase and you are going to be able to do new things with it.  One year from now your Samsung Galaxy S will be able to do many things it cannot do today.  It is going to be an exciting ride!!!

Our mission is to raise the Galaxy S ownership experience to a higher level.  Simply put, We want to maximize how much you enjoy your Galaxy S.

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