Happy New Year – Android Galaxy in 2011

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
AndroidGalaxy.NET wishes each and every one of our loyal readers A fascinating, captivating, vibrant and prosperous New Year!!!
I would like to wish you the very best in your personal and professional endeavours.
Samsung Galaxy S fans have are in for a lot of excitement in 2011.
It is going to be another epic year for leading-edge Android smartphones.
First off, we know a significant portion of existing Galaxy S owners who still haven’t got Froyo on their handsets.
If you are in that category, you have a lot to look forward to. Most remaining owners should be getting official Android 2.2. updates to their phones in the first few weeks of the new year.
The excitement doesn’t stop there, as Google has already released Android 2.3 Gingerbread.
For the readers out there that have already taken the plunge with custom ROMS, you can be sure that stable Gingerbread ROMS are right around the corner.
I have not tried a full gingerbread ROM yet, but I suspect within the next month or so, there will be very tasty (fully functional) Gingerbread ROMS for you.
I don’t think the difference from Froyo to Gingerbread is going to be as much as the jump from Eclair to Froyo, but I still expect it is going to be very satisfying to have Gingerbread on the Galaxy S hardware.
Lastly, for our readers that have not picked up a Galaxy S handset yet, or are already eager to upgrade further, here are my predictions of what we can likely expect.
I think by mid-2011, Samsung will have started rolling out the next generation of Galaxy S phones, and these are the
specs we might see:
1. 4.5″ Super AMOLED 2 screens
2. Dual Core processors. (Tegra 2 from NVidia!)
3. 1 Gigabyte of RAM
4. 1080P video recording
5. Near Field Communication (NFC) chips.
6. Resolution better than 800 X 480
7. Faster cell phone networks.
I’m not entirely sure about #6 – I think we are definitely due for higher resolution and pixel density, and I would love to see 1280 X 720.
We also don’t know what many of the real world benefits NFC will provide. ¬†We do know we are headed towards being able to make payments with our mobile phones (as is already popular in markets like Japan) but wide-spread adoption around the world will take time.
What we do know for sure is Honeycomb and Ice Cream versions of Android are on their way, as are significantly better hardware.
I am confident this means 2011 is going to be an EXCITING and important year in the evolution of Android Smartphones.
What are your Android predictions for 2011???
Happy New Year once again and stay tuned for LOTS and LOTS of Android Videos from AGN
- Vinay Menon

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  1. zplits says:

    Happy new year androidgalaxy.net.

    Next generation of galaxy S? please not yet, i didn’t get my galaxy s yet. hehehe