Darky’s ROM Version 9 Extreme Edition

Last weekend Darky released his latest release: Version 9.0.2. Extreme Edition.

The big change with this release is the addition of a ROM Kitchen. A ROM Kitchen is another way of saying Configurable ROM Menu.

When the ultra talented Android chefs of the world are cooking up delicious ROMS for us, what exactly are they doing??? Well, they are doing many things, but a few of their activities include, choosing a solid base factory firmware version to start with, then removing unimportant features and software, and then adding good features, theming, kernels etc.

When a ‘ROM Kitchen’ is provided, what that means is that a user like you or me is first given a menu before you start flashing. This can be a simple menu or large menu (up to the chef) where you get to choose things like which keyboards you want included, which launchers, which Samsung software, etc.

With version 9.0, Darky is giving the user that menu via an App on the Android Market. As far as I am aware, Darky is one of the first chefs to hand you the menu this way. This makes it Super easy to choose what you want in your ROM.

I have to also congratulate Darky on how easy he has made it to upgrade. You only download one file, regardless of which options you want, and whether you want to wipe or no wipe. Everyone downloads the same file! How easy is that!

I chose to keep all my settings and apps, and lagfix go down the simplest path. Just flashed the file and that’s all. The upgrade went very smooth, all my settings and apps were retained, and everything continued to work.

I have now been using Version 9.0 for 4 days without problem now. Here’s the video:

Get Darky’s latest ROM from the Darky site:


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One Response to Darky’s ROM Version 9 Extreme Edition

  1. Peter says:

    Still waiting for a how to from 2.2. froyo version…